Rajshahi To Poradah Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Nowadays, trains are a common way of transportation in our nation. Our time and money are both saved. Daily increases can be seen in the number of passengers using these intercity trains. But the reason I came here with this article was to find out everything I could about the Rajshahi to Poradah train schedule and ticket prices.

Rajshahi To Poradah Train Schedule

You may have been aware that four trains travel between Rajshahi to Poradah: the Kapotaskh Express (716), Sagardari Express (762), Madhumati Express (756), and Tungipara Express (784). I have previously listed below the whole details of the Rajshahi to Poradah train schedules.

Train NameDepartureArrivalOff Day
Kapotaskh Express (716)14:3016:34Friday
Madhumati Express (756)06:4008:50Thursday
Sagardari Express (762)06:0008:10Monday
Tungipara Express (784)15:3017:25Monday

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Rajshahi To Poradah Train Ticket Price

Now know about the Rajshahi to Poradah train ticket prices, which are also incredibly important. The cheapest ticket costs 130 Taka, and the most expensive is 305 Taka. To view the complete list of ticket pricing, kindly look at the table below.

Seat CategoryTicket Price (15% VAT)
Shovan130 Taka
Shovan Chair155 Taka
First Seat205 Taka
Snigdha255 Taka
AC Seat305 Taka

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I hope this article provided you with all the Rajshahi to Poradah train schedules and ticket price information you needed. Please let me know by leaving a comment if you want to find out more about information or visit one of our other pages. I appreciate you coming to the website.

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