Maitree Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The Maitree Express train connects Bangladesh with India. It’s a fairly modern rail service that began on April 14, 2008. The distance between Dhaka and Kolkata is roughly 390 km. Today’s post has all of the information about the Maitree Express train, including the schedule and ticket pricing from Dhaka to Kolkata.

Maitree Express Train Schedule

This Maitree Express train operates 2 days a week. Check it on the day to check which train is available for you to take. The departure and arrival times are also given. The arrival time could be delayed. Check the Maitree Express train schedule below:

Station NameDepartureArrivalOn Day
Dhaka to Kolkata (BR-3107)08:15 (BST)18:10 (IST)Friday & Sunday
Kolkata to Dhaka (BR-3108)07:10 (IST)18:05 (BST)Saturday & Monday
Dhaka to Kolkata (IR-3110)08:15 (BST)18:10 (IST)Saturday & Wednesday
Kolkata to Dhaka (IR-3109)07:10 (IST)18:05 (BST)Friday & Tuesday

Note: BR = Bangladesh Rail and IR = Indian Rail

BST = Bangladesh State Time and IST = Indian State Time

Maitree Express Train Break Stations

The Maitree Express train includes two seating options. AC Chair and AC Cabin are the two options. Maitree Express train tickets are primarily priced based on their excellent quality. View the Maitree Express train ticket prices below the chart and choose the best option for you.

Station NameUp Time (3107-3110}Down Time (3108-3109}
Darsana12:50-13:50 (BST)11:35-12:35 (BST)
Gede14:30-16:00 (IST)09:25-10:55 (IST)

Maitree Express Train Ticket Price

Maitree Express is an expensive train. However, if you think about it, this isn’t that expensive. Traveling from one country to another will undoubtedly be expensive, as is the Maitree Express. Check the pricing listed below.

Seat CategoryTicket Price (15% VAT)
AC Chair1955 Taka
AC Cabin2935 Taka

Last Word

For all classes, a 500 Taka travel tax is required at the time of ticket purchase. Children under the age of five, accompanied by an adult, shall be charged half of the fee for the class of travel.

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