Birampur To Rajshahi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

If you are looking to travel from Birampur to Rajshahi, it’s important to know the train schedule to plan your journey accordingly. In this article, we’ll provide with you a comprehensive guide to the Birampur to Rajshahi train schedule with ticket prices, including train names, departure and arrival times, and other important details.

Birampur To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Several intercity trains run on this Birampur to Rajshahi route, such as Barendra Express, Titumir Express, and Banglabandha Express. Each of these trains has a different schedule, so check before booking. The journey takes approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the train you choose.

Train NameDepartureArrivalOff Day
Barendra Express (732)07:3011:10Sunday
Titumir Express (734)17:2521:30Wednesday
Banglabandha Express (804)12:5517:35Saturday

Rajshahi To Birampur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Birampur To Rajshahi Train Ticket Price

Trains running on the Birampur to Rajshahi route usually have 4 types of tickets, which can be purchased directly from your nearest railway station or online. Before you book your train ticket, it’s important to know the Birampur to Rajshahi train ticket price according to the seat class of each train. To make it easier for you, we’ve provided an updated table of train ticket prices below.

Seat CategoryTicket Price (15% VAT)
Shovan155 Taka
Shovan Chair205 Taka
First Seat245 Taka
Snigdha310 Taka

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Last Word

Traveling from Birampur to Rajshahi by train is a convenient and affordable option. With several trains operating on this route, you can choose the one that suits your schedule and budget. Remember to check the latest Birampur to Rajshahi train schedule and ticket prices before making your booking. Happy traveling!

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